about the artist

Mr. Davison is a finger style guitarist who composes on both the 6 and 12 string guitar. An aging hipster, his musical career started at age 12 playing the drums in a multitude of rock and roll bands. At the tender age of 19 he saw a performance on solo acoustic guitar in Denton, Texas by a performer named Thom Ward (who he would really like to locate!) that changed his life. He put down the sticks and picked up the guitar and started a life long journey of discovery.

He realized (too late according to some) that he really couldn't sing so he eventually turned to solo instrumental music. His compositions are built around simple melodic structures and focus on the intimate qualities of the wooden guitar and the tonal possibilities of alternate tunings that give the guitar such an extraordinary range.  His influences range from the jazz piano stylings of  Claudia Burson (who taught him what was musical and what wasn't) to the work of fingerstyle guitarists such as Leo Kotke, Ed Gerhard, Ken Bonfield, Peter Janson and Stephen Bennett.

Steve is a 2 time finalist and 2005 winner of the solo competition at the Arkansas Acoustic Music Festival and a finalist in the 2009 Merle Travis Fingerstyle Competition. Mr. Davison was a featured performer on Arkansas Educational Network Television’s “AETN Presents”  broadcast and his music was also used as a soundtrack for another AETN production, “The Historic Bridges of Arkansas”.

Steve has performed in acoustic venues around the country including the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in California and the Montreal Guitar Festival in Montreal, Quebec. He has toured with Ken Bonfield and Peter Janson as Artistry of the Guitar and has also shared the stage with Muriel Anderson, Larry Coryell, Dakota Dave Hull, Tim Farrell, Teja Gerken, Tim Sparks, Adam Miller, Danny Dozier, Micky Rigby, Doug Young and others. He is currently touring with Peter Janson as part of the " American Guitar Masters Touring Concert Series" and with Ken Bonfield as Artistry of the Guitar.


 "Davison electrified the crowd at the Arkansas Acoustic Music Festival. It is really good to see someone at the top of their game.” 

Jim Harris, Arkansas Times