links and gear

Here is my Sheldon Schwartz "Oracle"  a 26"  scale monster of a is like playing a grand piano...thank you Sheldon for building such a remarkable instrument for me. Check out Sheldon at

Here is the Tony Yamamoto multi-scale 12string he built for me. It is a truly remarkable instrument with a unique 12 string sound. It has multiple "old man" features such as multiple bevels and a Manzer wedge. Tony builds a great guitar. His website is


I currently play and own two James Goodall guitars. One is a Rosewood Concert Jumbo and the other is a Mahogany Concert Jumbo. They are remarkable guitars...balanced across the tonal spectrum with great clarity, sustain and brilliance. I highly recommend James' guitars for the fingerstyle player.

I recently acquired two guitars from Al Carruth from Newport, NH. Here is a shot of the 12 string he built for me. It is Claro Walnut back and sides, Bear Claw Sitka Spruce Top, Walnut neck, and Persimmon bridge and fretboard....all North American woods.



I love the DTAR product line. I use the Soundspot passive pickup system with their Solstice Pre-Amp. Extremely well made, sounds fabulous and is easy to use.



“Remember, you carry your sound in your hands”   Ken Bonfield